Zeal Windsor

kr 1.240

Ramme: Matte Tortoise *fremstår mattere/mørkere i virkelighetene enn det bildene tilsier.

Glass: Copper

Glass-materiale: Ellume Polarized

“Copper” glasset forsterker kontrast og dybde-persepsjon ved ulike lysforhold, og gjør særlig grønt, rødt og blått mer levende.

Solbrillen kan fås med styrke og er kompatibel med +3.00 til -5.50.

Størrelsen på denne solbrillen er 51/20

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Situated on the border of Colorado and Wyoming, Windsor, Colorado was founded around a legendary gathering place called the Halfway House, where weary travelers would rest in style, before continuing their, long arduous journey west. A stopover point, a bridge between culture and the wild, Windsor is the inspiration for the latest quiver-killing style from Zeal Optics, that uniquely blends amazing functionality driven by the desire to explore beyond the horizon, while looking your best.

The plant-based, polarized Windsor sunglass packs light for the journey ahead, but hits heavy with its unmistakable shape and keyhole bridge. A lightweight Z-Resin frame, crafted from the castor bean and not petroleum, Windsor boasts ProFlex Rubber hits on the nose and temple tips, giving this timeless eyewear the slip-free adventure ready pedigree Zeal Optics is known for. Its Polarized Ellume lenses, which are also made from ecofriendly castor bean resin, provides unrivaled color, clarity, contrast and protection, making the world around you look as good as you do in these timeless frames. Explore in style with Windsor. Only by Zeal Optics.