Zeal Northwind

kr 1.240

Rammefarge: Matte Midnight – en gråfarge som fremstår noe lysere i virkeligheten enn hva bildene tilsier.

Glassfarge: Dark Grey

Kan fås med styrke fra +3.00 til -6.50

Størrelsen på denne solbrillen er 56/17.

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Matte Midnight




Northwind brings a head-turning new look to the Zeal See Grass collection. This wide-brow, angular design is crafted in a closedloop system from recycled plastic and agricultural grasses in a process that combines sustainability with quality, durability, performance and style. With the mind blowing color, clarity and contrast that the Ellume Polarized lenses lend, Northwind blowsthe doors off what you thought a sunglass could be.