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Seiko Astron 5X Series Limited Edition

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Today, 50 years after the Seiko Quartz Astron ushered in the quartz revolution,
the enduring popularity, ubiquity and versatility of this remarkable technology
have all been proven beyond any expectation. The Quartz Astron changed the
way the world told time, astonishing people with its accuracy of +5 to -5 seconds
per month. It also shaped the whole future of the electronics industry as several
of its inventions, including the tuning fork shaped quartz oscillator, are still
used in an extraordinary range of horological and non-horological devices alike,
from clocks to personal computers to mobile phones. It is no exaggeration
to say that, since 1969, Seiko’s quartz technology has touched the lives of nearly all mankind and
continues to play a central role in our ever-changing modern world.

A new Astron GPS Solar 5X series pays homage to the uniqueness of the first Quartz Astron of 50 years
ago in both its design and in its technological advancement.

This model is Limited edition of 2,000 pieces.